Post Office and Courrier Services at Delhi University

Staying in touch with family for birthdays and festivals can be a challenge when away from home, as can sending time sensitive documents for university admissions or internship programs.  Fortunately, there are reliable and cost-effective solutions to send mail and parcels from the North Campus of Delhi University itself.

Post Office

India Post has an outlet in the Utility Centre, located across from the PG Mens’ Hostel on Vishwavidyalaya Marg, right on the DU campus (see map below).  Phone number: +91-11-2766-2173.  Although India Post gets a bad reputation, my experience has been positive when it came to sending mail.  On the other hand, only half of the package sent to me eventually made it to my place, with no overal distinguishable pattern when it comes to reliability.

Several services are available at this post office:

  1. Regular Post: perfect, super cheap and assuredly the best way to send postcards. I also used it to send parcels, but based on my local friends’ advice, I paid the small extra to get the package registered and tracked.  Everything I have sent through this service, whether to international or domestic destinations, has made it safely, if slowly (about two months transit time to Canada).
  2. Speed Post: good for parcels that need to make it faster than by Regular Post.  The service is about three times the price of regular shipping, but the package makes it to North America within 10 business days.

A man usually runs a small packaging business outside the post counter and sells tape, glue, and envelopes of various sizes.

Note that parcels may only be sent until 3 PM on weekdays.  I was also asked a tip by the post office employee, which I denied him only to wonder if my package would end up lost because of that.  Fortunately, the package did make it.

Courrier Services

ARB Communications, ran by the helpful Mr. Aniruddha Banerjee, offers courrier services out of a shoebox sized office located at the entrance of the PG Mens’ Hostel on Vishwavidyalaya Marg (see map below).  Their team can be reached by phone on two numbers, +91-98-1809-9697 and +91-98-1809-9696, or by e-mail at  Their business hours are from 10 AM to 7 PM, Monday to Saturdays, except some statutory holidays.

My experience with them has been unanimously positive with ARB.  First, they package parcels better than any other company I have come across during my travels worldwide – and for free if you ship through them!  Second, their rates are brilliant; they even offer discounts on the prices actually displayed on UPS and DHL’s websites, often in the order of 5-10%.  They also offer discounted rates for documents sent to university application centres, allowing you to be sure your documents will make it safely without breaking the bank.  Third, they do a great job at following up with you when you need it, providing tracking numbers and details required (often after 24 hours, when it is actually generated by the carrier).  Fourth, they’re amazingly friendly and trustworthy.

The services they offer are the following:

  1. International courriers: DHL (worldwide), UPS (great for North America), RMX (for Middle East destinations), and Linex (for Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan).
  2. Domestic courriers: TrackOn, Overnight Express and First Flight.

Passport and visa are required to send medical supplies and chemicals internationally.

Note: no, I didn’t get paid for this review.  They truly are amazing!


Both the India Post Office and ARB Communications are located by the PG Men’s Hostel, identified on the map below.

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