Finding Housing at Delhi University – An Intro

Where you’re going to live is naturally one of the first things you will want to settle in preparation for your exchange in New Delhi.  Truth be said, as much as you might want to be certain about where you’ll live once in India, this is a place where things are much better handled in person and where making living arrangements from the distance is next to impossible.  Fortunately, the helpful Deepa Gupta at the Dean of International Relations’ office is generally able to organize temporary accommodation for exchange students until they have successfully made permanent arrangements.

As a rule of thumb, exchange students at Delhi University (DU) have two options: a) living in a hostel (i.e. student residences for students in Canada and the U.S.) and b) renting your own place.  I had a great time living at the International Student House, even though that’s not what I originally intended to do.  I met fantastic people with whom I enjoyed late night tea, watched awesome movies and travelled to the Himalayas with!  I also appreciated how close it was to Hindu College. Furthermore, its ridiculously low price meant I was able to travel a lot and to eat out virtually whenever I felt like it.  Quite a perk!

That said, a friend of mine from France found a lovely terraced flat in South Delhi (Lajpat Nagar) after six weeks of research and enjoys living there every bit.  Truly, your satisfaction will depend on what you’re looking for and how well your choices meet your expectations.  The next few paragraphs tell you what you can expect from both on campus and off campus living.  Pros and cons, availability and the steps necessary to arranging for a place to live are all covered.

Find out more about hostel life and how to get a place in student housing here.

Find out more about about private flats here.


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