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Street Food Festival in Delhi Until 10 PM Today

I am at the Indian Street Food Festival at the Constitution Club of India on Delhi’s Rafi Marg, enjoying brilliant paneer kulcha, lemon rice, ghol dosa and stellar Bengali mustard fish. It’s bustling with action here and the long queue at the gate has now subsided so you can make it inside in a snap. Hurry for curry-the event ends at 10 PM today. Entry is free, and food is fairly priced. And no Delhi Belly for me-all is very clean. Thank you for the tip, Sachin!


It’s Bollywood Only if the Crowd Is As Eccentric As the Movie – Going Paagal at Shiela Cinema

Shiela Theatre in Delhi, India.

Shiela Theatre in Delhi, India.

If the crowd doesn’t throw popcorn at the cinema screen or loudly cheers the protagonist for getting the villain to eat some dust, it’s not really Bollywood – and I’m not interested. Some two weeks ago, a bunch of friends and I went to the movies, full of hopes that we’d have a real Indian […] Continue reading…

Negotiating Fares With Rickshaw Pullers in Advance? No Way Sanjay.

The picture above shows what is known in India as a rickshaw or cyclerickshaw. They truly are the hallmark mode of transportation on the Indian Sub-continent.  The prescription for foreigners looking for a rickshaw ride in India is well rehearsed by now: the Lonely Planet India travel guide and the Moon Living Abroad in India both recommend negotiating fares before hopping on for your exhilarating journey. The rationale behind this recommendation is the risk the puller might ask for some outrageous amount once you arrive at your final destination.  Some day four months ago, however, I felt dashing.  I decided not to pre-negotiate my fare and to see what would happen […] Continue reading…

Riding the Delhi Metro Like a Local

The Delhi metro blows my mind!  Its 142 stations make shredding the pavement of India’s capital far easier – both for tourists and the Delhi-wallahs.  It is undoubtably the fastest way to get around the city.  But before pass the station’s gate, it is crucial for everybody’s enjoyment that you be aware of the untold rule that govern the metro universe.  Failing to observe the mantras below will lead to confusion and bewilderment for other riders.  Be respectful, and ride like a local:

1. When the train makes its way into the station, resist such sheepish temptations as letting passengers exit before crowding in front of the coach’s door.  As soon as your train arrives, ensure you are properly barring the exit by standing in the precise middle of the car’s door.  Once the door opens […] Continue reading…